Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a new way of approaching the design and documentation of various types of building projects. It is an intelligent digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.
The evolution of software from traditional to modern BIM technology empowers designers, installers and cost consultants to take a comprehensive view of the actual elements of a construction project.

The BIM team includes architects, software developers, engineers, management consultants and designers who bring a diverse perspective and at the same time offer holistic solutions to your problems.

It gives architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. So, BIM is the natural corollary to Design Management Services (DMS).

BIM supports easy interoperability, flexibility, and facilitates customization. It ensures the best returns on your investments by saving time and aiding the successful execution of your project.

Gaining all these benefits from BIM is not just a matter of using certain tools or technologies. It’s also important to work with the right technology partner who will deliver these gains and more. We are preferred and trusted BIM technology partner for prestigious construction projects around the world.

Creating a collaborative road-map to deliver the best in BIM services

List of BIM Services

Architectural, Structural, MEP and Precast Modeling and Detailing.

  •  Converting 2D drawings in to 3D Model of respective disciplines
  •  Interior modeling including of Furniture and other required equipment’s
  •  Structural Analytical modeling which can be used for engineering/analysis.
  •  Model-based BOQ’s of respective stream
  •  Coordination Model for Subcontractors
  •  Shop and Erection drawings, Isometric drawings and sectional drawings of respective disciplines
  •  Detailing of MEP components, Electrical connected load model, Firefighting and evacuation model
  •  Riser diagrams, Water distribution, Drainage water pipes modeling and detailing
  •  Discipline-wise Parametric Component Modeling and Family Creation
  •  DD and Construction documentation
  •  Creating as-built Drawings & Models
  •  PDF and Scan conversion drawings
  •  Scheduling & Presentation Models and Material take off
  •  Creating a models by using the 3D laser scan data (Point cloud)

Clash Detection and Report services

With multiple players in a project, each player will have their individual focus and thus designs separately and deliver their part of drawings. The collaborative co-ordination between the players is a seldom job leading to numerous inconsistencies and clashes in the drawings. This invites change orders; wastage of time, indirect costs incurred during idle time and cost over-runs. Clash Co-ordination helps in identifying these clashes and Errors before the design and drawings are finalized and signed-off for construction. Virtually, clash detection is the process of integrating 3D various models together and identifying any discrepancies that need to be resolved. A clash might be with two elements from different models that overlap in space, or it might be something more complex, like one element interfering with others sequence of another. We work with the Design to Build Team to perform the clash detection and communicate the issues to the concerned players. This helps everyone to participate in the process of issue resolution unless we have a clash-free coordinated model.

Quantification Services

BIM model generates accurate quantity of all materials. These quantities are automatically updated with any Changes in the BIM model. Quantity Take-Off (QTO) reports can be formatted in Excel and exported to a Database for detailed analysis. Quantities can be generated for a specific time period or project area (4D/5D) to help manage material procurement and save inventory costs.

COBIE– Construction Operations Building information exchange

  •  Producing Data Drops at set stages of a project, through the design, construction and operation phases
  •  Specific advice on understanding and awareness of COBie
  •  Setting up the models for COBie
  •  Data extraction from existing models
  •  Information model validation for COBie exchange
  •  Audit existing information models for suitability of COBie exchange
  •  Facilitate COBie data drops for post occupancy operations

4D Modeling service

It is the intelligent linking of individual 3D model elements or assemblies with time or schedule related information. The term 4D refers to fourth dimension. I.e. 4D = 3D + Time. By assigning the time duration to each element in scheduling it will helps to create 4D models.

  •  Progress Update & Planned vs Actual representation
  •  Preparing a Timeline Simulation Video of a specific part or all the Construction Activities
  •  Mapping 3D Model with Initial Planned Schedule provided by Contractor/ Consultant/ Owner/Client Representative.

5D Modeling service

Model based BOQs aiding planning, procurement, Tendering, Estimating and Billing teams. BOQs can be made as per the requirement. It may be phase wise, floor wise or in custom format. As we know for any kind of task in project Time is Money so with Time and Money both mapped with 3D elements, it helps the Owner to better manage his cash flow and open the doors for integrated project delivery.

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